The Alcester Helicopter Club will abide by the current recommendations set out by the UK Government , all social distancing requirements shall be in operation at all times, the total amount of members present at the flying site must not exceed the maximum set out by the current restrictions, the last person/s to arrive must leave and return at a later time when the numbers do not exceed the maximum set out in the Governments guide lines. All members should consider the safety of all persons at the flying site, if you have an underlying health issue that could be effected by the COVI-19 virus please think very carefully in your actions on attending the flying site when other members are present, non-members attending the flying site to ensure the safety of any lone pilot is OK providing the Government guide lines are adhered to. During any period of Government recommendations of restricted movements and non-essential travel the clubs flying site will be closed, re-opening of the site will be once the restrictions are removed, please keep up to date on the current Government guidelines, the club is aware that members will wish to take advantage of all of the good flying days possible, however at time this may not be possible, the club thanks you for your understanding at these times of not being allowed to fly,

Remember to be safe, be seen to be safe and to stay within in the Government Guide lines

With the update to the UK Government restrictions 14/09/2020

The Alcester Helicopter Club has conducted a COVID 19 risk assessment

The out come of the risk assessment and the following observations have been noted

All members should have hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes with them when attending the flying site

NO member with symptoms of COVID 19 or been in contact with persons showing symptoms should attend the site

Only persons of the same house hold should travel to the flying site together

Before entering and opening the gate to the flying site hand sanitizer should be used , once through and the gate closed your hands should be sanitized again

Once at the pit area all members should be parked up to allow a minimum of 2 metres between members at all times

If more than one member is present at the flying site the details listed below should be emailed to the clubs email address in line with the NHS track and trace system


Email Address

Phone number


These details will only be kept for the use of the track and trace system

any member that has been in contact with other members who develop symptoms should inform the club via the clubs email address

The clubs contact email address is

All training via the buddy box system will be suspended due to not being able to social distance with the current equipment available

All of the UK Government, NHS, Health England and Local Authorities guide lines and BMFA’S advise should be followed at all times

In the event that the Government or Local Authority locks the Country/Local Area down the flying site will be closed until restrictions are lifted

We are a sporting activity and therefore allowed to meet up at the flying site, this is not classed as a mass gathering, but please keep our flying site safe as possible and avoid any risks of cross infection

Model flying after 14th September 2020 – England & Scotland

From 14th September new restrictions apply to social gatherings in outdoor spaces in England and Scotland.  The number of people allowed in an outdoor gathering has reduced from 30 to 6, appropriately socially-distanced unless from the same household.  However, organised sport is one of several exemptions to the new restrictions, provided that it is conducted in accordance with COVID-19 Secure guidelines.

The guidance below offers practical advice on the measures that should be taken by model flyers, clubs, officials, volunteers  and spectators before, during and after all outdoor model flying and associated activity as well as specific advice relating to clubs, competition and event organisers to ensure that they are COVID-19 Secure.  It should be read in conjunction with the latest UK Government guidance.

Guidance for Model Flying Clubs and Competition and Event Organisers

If clubs wish to have more than 6 members on site, they must be compliant with COVID-19 Secure guidance which includes having a COVID-19 risk assessment and a Track and Trace protocol in place.  See our six steps to being COVID-19 Secure for Model Flying Clubs at

Competition & event organisers must also ensure COVID-19 Secure compliance.  To assist organisers with this we have produced a Model Flying Event COVID Checklist at

Organisers should use this checklist to capture and confirm what safety and security measures they have selected as necessary for their competition or event.

Guidance for Model Flyers and Individuals involved in Model Flying

  1. If you or anyone in your household has any of the symptoms of COVID-19 you must stay at home. The main symptoms are:
    – A high temperature.
    – A new continuous cough.
    – A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.
  2. You must also stay at home if you have experienced COVID-19 symptoms in the past 14 days, have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14-days, or have had contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case.
  3. The effects of the COVID-19 virus are most serious in men over the age of 60, especially those with other underlying health problems.  If you fall into this category, we would urge careful consideration before venturing out and risking any potential exposure to the virus, however small the risk may be.
  4. Only travel to the flying site on your own or with members of your household.
  5. Only travel based on what is permitted by current government guidelines.
  6. On arrival and departure ensure you register with the club’s track and trace process.
  7. At the flying site only mix with members of your household or up to 5 people outside your household but stick to social distancing guidelines.
  8. Do not mix with any other individuals present outside of your group of 6 (bubble) at any time.
  9. Always carry and use hand sanitiser as part of your model flying equipment.
  10. Use hand sanitiser before and after making contact with any shared surfaces or equipment.
  11. Consider when the use of face masks for added protection is appropriate.
  12. If you become ill with any of the recognised COVID-19 symptoms (while onsite or within 10 days afterwards) contact your club track and trace co-ordinator immediately.

We remain in the midst of a pandemic.  The situation is dynamic and current Government advice must be followed.

If in any doubt, please stay at home!

Club/Organisation Name: Alcester Helicopter Club                                                      

Assessment carried out by: David Payne                                                    Date assessment was carried out: 30/3/2021     

What are the hazards?Who might be harmed and how?ControlsWhat further action do you need to consider to control the risks?Who needs to carry out the action?When is the action needed by?
Contracting or spreading the virus by not social distancingAttendees Officials Volunteers VisitorsIdentify places where, individuals would not be able to maintain social distancing rules   Identify how you can keep people apart in line with social distancing rules in the first instance.Put in place arrangements to monitor and supervise to make sure social distancing rules are followed   Provide information, instruction and training to people to understand what they need to do   Provide signage and ways to communicate to people what they need to do to maintain social distancingAHC to update web site to give additional instructions to the UK COVID guidelines   All attendees to email on entry/leaving the clubs flying sites   All members to keep a minimum of 2meters apart at all time30/3/2021
Getting or spreading coronavirus by not sanitising/washing hands or not washing them adequatelyAttendees Officials Volunteers VisitorsProvide sanitising/hand washing facilities   Require attendees to bring sanitiserPut signs up to remind people to wash their hands   Identify if and where additional hand washing facilities may be needed   Identify how you are going to replenish hand washing/sanitising facilitiesAll Club Members to supply their own Hand sanitizer and washing items No sharing of PPE/sanitizer30/3/2021
Getting or spreading coronavirus by contact with shared equipmentAttendees Officials Volunteers VisitorsIdentify surfaces that are frequently touched and by many people (often common areas), eg handrails, gates, padlocks shared equipment etc and specify the frequency and level of cleaning and by whom   Identify where you can reduce the contact of people with surfaces, eg by leaving gates open and unlockedProvide information telling people who needs to clean and when   Remind people to sanitise before and after contact with shared equipmentThe entrance gate should be sanitized by every person who opens/closes the gate30/3/2021

No unauthorised guests/attendees are to visit the clubs flying site

a current member can have a helper with them for the interests of safety

all members/helpers must follow the government’s guideline of social distancing

a minimum of 2 meters distance is required between members at all times