BMFA Achievement Scheme

The Alcester Helicopter Club supports the BMFA Achievement scheme and encourages pilots to aim to achieve a minimum of the BMFA A certificate

The club offers BPC and A tests in multi rotors and helicopters on demand with B tests available by appointment

If you are unsure if you are ready to pass the BMFA tests the club offers an assessment for all multi rotor and helicopter tests

The BMFA Achievement tests are updated on a yearly bases and the relevant years test information can be found at


Don’t forget to read the relevant test guide for the test you require

and the mandatory questions


The Alcester Helicopter Club Examiner is available to conduct tests at other clubs on the request of your clubs committee

Pilots who are non-members of the Alcester Helicopter Club are welcome to take their test at the Alcester Helicopter Clubs flying site


If you require a fixed wing BPC or A test the club examiner can come to your flying site on the request of your clubs committee, we can not take fixed wing tests at our site due to an unsuitable runway for fixed wing aircraft